Advocacy, Expertise, and Results:

Positive Outcomes for Family Law Issues


Attorney Cornell has over 25 years of experience, having practiced law in Massachusetts since 1994, and is focused on all aspects of family law:

  • Contested Divorce

  • Uncontested Divorce

  • Child Custody

  • Parenting Plans

  • Division of Property

  • Alimony and Child Support

  • Premarital and Post-Marital Agreements 

  • Post-Divorce Modifications

  • Paternity

  • Guardianships

  • Domestic Violence and Abuse Prevention

  • Prosecution and Defense of Contempt Actions

Attorney Cornell has represented clients for over 25 years in basic and complex family law cases.  He has obtained positive results for hundreds of clients in matters concerning complex custody cases, and disputes involving the division of marital assets including real estate holdings and business interests.

Legal battles are often bruising and costly to families.  Attorney Cornell’s expertise, experience and thorough preparation can help reduce this emotional and financial harm, so you can move forward successfully.

Andrew Cornell

Prestigious awards from the Massachusetts Bar Association, Boston Bar Association, and the Massachusetts Surpreme Judicial Court.

Adjunct Professor at the New England School of Law.

Past clinical instructor at Harvard Law School.

Lead Editor for the New England Law Review at New England School of Law.

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